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Course Information Sheet (CIS) Library - Undergraduate


BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology 

BSc (Hons) Architecture 

Art and Design 

BA (Hons) Computer Games Art 

BA (Hons) Digital Media 

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

BA (Hons) Fine Art 

BA (Hons) Graphic Design 

BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

BA (Hons) Illustration 

BA (Hons) Interior Design

BA (Hons) Photography 


BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance 

BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance

BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

BSc (Hons) Business Management and Finance 

BSc (Hons) Business Management and Leadership

BSc (Hons) Business Management

BSc (Hons) Economics 

BSc (Hons) Events Management 

BSc (Hons) International Business Management (three-year option) 

BSc (Hons) International Business Management (two-year option) 

BA (Hons) Marketing 

BSc (Hons) Tourism Management

Engineering, Computing and Technology 

BSc (Hons) Artificial Intelligence 

BSc (Hons) Audio & Music Technology

BSc (Hons) Building Surveying 

BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering

BSc (Hons) Computer Gaming Technology

BSc (Hons) Computer Networks CAMB

BSc (Hons) Computer Networks CHELM

BEng (Hons) Computer Science

BSc (Hons) Construction Management 

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security

BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

BSc (Hons) Software Engineering CAMB

BSc (Hons) Software Engineering CHELM 

Humanities, English and Social Sciences, Media and Education 

BA (Hons) Criminology 

BA (Hons) Drama and English Literature

BA (Hons) Drama and Film Studies 

BA (Hons) Drama

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies

BA (Hons) Electronic Music

BA (Hons) English Language and Linguistics

BA (Hons) English Language

BA (Hons) English Literature

BA (Hons) Film and Media

BA (Hons) Film

BA (Hons) History

BA (Hons) Media

BA (Hons) Music

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre

BA (Hons) Philosophy and English Literature

BA (Hons) Philosophy 

BA (Hons) Politics

BA (Hons) Popular Music

BA (Hons) Primary Education Studies CAMB

BA (Hons) Primary Education Studies CHELM

BA (Hons) Sociology

BA (Hons) Writing and English Literature

BA (Hons) Writing and Film Studies

Law and Policing 

BA (Hons) Criminology and Policing

LLB (Hons) Law

BSc (Hons) Policing and Criminal Justice

Medical and Life Sciences 

BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour  

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

BSc (Hons) Crime & Investigative Studies

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

BSc (Hons) Marine and Terrestrial Conservation

BSc (Hons) Medical Science CAMB

BSc (Hons) Medical Science CHELM

BOptom (Hons) Optometry  

BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science CAMB

BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science CHELM

BSc (Hons) Public Health

BSc (Hons) Zoology


BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies CAMB

BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies CHELM




BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology

BSc (Hons) Psychology

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Clinical Psychology

Social Work 

BA (Hons) Social Work CAMB

BA (Hons) Social Work CHELM

Sports Science 

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Therapy

BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Physical Education

BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning with Rehabilitation