First Year

First year

On this part of the pathway students will complete the ARU first year of the degree, undertaking the same modules, in the same classes as students entering the University directly. Alongside the ARU modules, students entering through the first year pathway will have additional support and tuition from CRIC.

An undergraduate pathway is available for students who:

  • don’t meet the entry requirements to enter university level study directly
  • feel that additional support at the start of university studies will help them stand a better chance of success
  • have been away from studies for a period of time
  • come from a different academic environment to that of the UK
  • require additional English language training

If you fall into any of the above categories, choosing an undergraduate pathway at CRIC is the right decision. Depending on your academic needs here at CRIC we have two pathway entry points available, foundation and first year.

CRIC support sessions allow you to meet with academic staff in order to tackle specific issues or questions.

Wide range of subjects available for first-year entry

Be part of the university life from day 1 with full access to University facilities

For international students one visa for the duration of your studies

  • Progression Route

  • Course Overviews

  • Academic Requirements