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BSc (Hons) Business Economics

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Jason Kwong

BOptom (Hons) Optometry

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BSc Accounting and Finance

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CRIC gave me an excellent foundation for UK Higher studies

I am Jason Kwong from Hong Kong and I’m a current student studying Optometry at CRIC. I have found that both my teachers and my fellow students at CRIC are so friendly. The teaching at CRIC is great and I have understood and learnt a great deal of what has been taught to us. The timetable for me is perfect since I can have plenty of spare time after school to study and do lots of other things. Personally I am really happy to study at CRIC since I had not studied Chemistry or Biology during my high school. If I hadn’t studied at CRIC I would have found going straight into University very difficult and may not have been able to study Optometry.

Finally, Cambridge is a really good place for both studying and having fun. You can concentrate to studying during the day and go out at night with your friends. I am very happy that I chose to study at CRIC.

Jason Kwong

BOptom (Hons) Optometry

Hong Kong

Travelling around Cambridge

Cambridge is close to other cities like Brighton and London which are definitely awesome places where you can have so much fun. Cambridge is a high-class area and if you have done exploring Cambridge, well then, you might want to explore other parts of the UK when you have finished your semester or just the weekend. You can easily take the train to any places you want to go.

Get your railcard

Having a student Railcard (16-25) is a must for every student as it reduces the fare of the train ticket a lot and lowers the burden of travelling around the UK. It means you can explore many places you may not have been able to and you don’t have to spend so much money. The Railcard costs £30 and lasts for 1 year.

Get the Trainline app

This app shows you the time of the train and allows you to buy train ticket online with 0.75 pounds booking fee. You can easily click on your phone and check what time you have to catch your train and buy train tickets real quick which saves you having to stand in line at the train station.

Pack less stuff, have more fun!

You may get tired if you travel with loads of stuff in your backpack so make sure what you bring along only what is useful and keep your backpack as light as possible

Off you go, have fun!

Jason Kwong

BOptom (Hons) Optometry

Hong Kong