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The very beginning

I remember when my plane landed in the UK. I had a mixed feelings: I was happy, I was sad that I left my whole life back there, but mostly… tired of the plane food! Outside it was so cold, which made me miss the sun I left back home. As I cleared immigration and collected my bags I walked into the arrivals area where I saw a man with my name on a big card. It was the person from the college that came to get me and I won’t lie, I felt like a boss for a moment, you know like one of the important people.

In the ride to Cambridge I couldn’t stop thinking of what I got myself into, feeling excited and very nervous. We finally got to the student accommodation and as I walked into my new home I met one of my roommates and guess what? He was from my home country! That’s when I knew the college had thought about me before I even got here.

Nigel Makina
BA (Hons) International Management

The most stressful time at university.

I think university is the best place in terms of having fun, meeting people and making memories. But the worst time is definitely exams and deadlines week. The pressure, the people telling you you’re doing the wrong things and just trying to cope with everything. I found out that the key for really tackling this period is to start early, manage your time, don’t panic and most important one: get some rest.

Why? Because if you start early, you have time to check your work, teachers can advise you and it takes the load off. When handing in your work the last thing you need is making a small mistake that could cost you a lot.

You want to start early, time management tends to be a student’s weakest point. I won’t lie when it gets close to hand in day that’s when parties, events and birthdays happen, so it is very easy for people to get caught up in it and completely forget about their assignments. The one thing you need to master is managing your time and learning how to control the way your time is spent because it’s good to have fun, vital in fact, but don’t lose sight of why you came.

Secondly, don’t panic. The more you relax, the more information flows when typing, or trying to revise. This, I won’t lie, is one of the hardest things because when you have four assignments to hand in on the same day, relaxing seems like a luxury. My advice to you would be remember to take breaks, work with people to bounce ideas off each other and learn from one another and of course - always have chocolate close by for that energy boost

Finally, people make one mistake: not sleeping and pulling all-nighters before their exams and assignments deadlines. And it doesn’t work because:

  • People tend to get grumpy
  • You’re not working at your best
  • It effects your physical health

My advice: get the work done, but do get some rest. You find yourself working better, having more ideas and you’re less likely to get stressed and you just feel so much better! I can guarantee that when you tired, you’ll miss out important points – don’t do it. Planning is everything, but make sure you plan some relaxation and sleep too!

Nigel Makina
BA (Hons) International Management

The Christmas break

For me Christmas is normally the time you spend at home with family, opening gifts and listening to my father tell tales about fighting in the war. But this one was different, for the first time I stayed in the UK and my brother and sister visited me. I won’t lie I felt quite nervous, thoughts of what I’m going to do, where will I take them and how I’m going entertain them filled my mind.

The time was drawing close and I had to get my thinking cap on. I looked online, checked those trip advice sites for the best places for food and entertainment locally and discovered lots of options local to Cambridge.

My brother arrived first and then my sister. The early morning pickups were a killer!

As the days passed my hosting skills were getting better and better, at least I hope they were ☺. I made sure that the days were always full and we seemed to always be on the go. Christmas came and went and although we didn’t have my father’s stories to listen to, we weren’t in our usual surroundings we still had fun – plus I made some amazing meals! Some of my friends stayed around too and came over from time to time to join us.

The prospect of my first Christmas away from home sounded like it would be the worst ever and I expected that it would be boring to be staying in the UK, however I have to admit that we really had a good time – just don’t tell my mum and dad ☺.

My advice for sticking around the UK for the Christmas break would be to google away and make sure that you stuff planned, ask for advice and the chances are that some other students will be hanging around too!

Nigel Makina
BA (Hons) International Management