Undergraduate Pathway: Engineering, Computing and Technology

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Do you like to figure out a puzzle, tackle a new challenge, and come up with inventive solutions? Our Pathway in Engineering, Computing, and Technology will target your technical and mathematical skills needed to create new technologies and structures. Students in these disciplines will find it necessary to work confidently in multi-disciplinary teams throughout their careers. A foundation in Engineering, Computing and Technology is structured around projects working with others from different degree programmes, enabling them to begin to develop this extremely important transferable skill.
Develop the knowledge and skills you need to create technologies and applications that will change the world. During your Foundation, you will have opportunities for practical work and experimentation across a range of elements, including engineering design tasks centred on developing simple robots, in order to introduce the challenges and benefits of realising theoretical ideas. There’ll be lectures and seminars combined with work-based learning and plenty of course options to personalise your studies.
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