Undergraduate Pathway: Humanities, English and Social Sciences, Media and Education (HEMSSE)

Broaden how you think about the world

Do you like to tell stories? Maybe you want to help other people learn to tell a new story in their life? Our Pathway for Humanities, English and Social Sciences, Media and Education utilises classes targeting to understanding people’s backgrounds, varied perspectives, and different ways of communication. Whether you’re entering education, studying criminals, reading books, or making films, it’s about understanding varied perspectives and being able to analyse motivations. This Humanities-based Foundation allows students to discuss how our societies have been shaped and their part in shaping the future.
Look beyond traditional viewpoints, challenge your opinions and address complex social problems. Learn to evaluate evidence, think critically and craft arguments. Developing your skills of communication across platforms will help you be successful in a variety of careers. Employers value skills of critical thinking and intercultural communication emphasised across all four years of these degrees, producing confident and versatile graduates. Our staff are actively engaged in research and creative pursuits, and they’ll support you all the way. Plus, there’s the opportunity to go to extracurricular seminars and workshops, which feature guest presentations from specialist academics and researchers.
Will you broaden how you think about the world?

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*This course is closed for September 2020, but we welcome applications for September 2021


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