Undergraduate pathway: Nursing Studies

Nursing, a career that begins with care


If you thrive on the unexpected and want to make a difference in people’s lives, a career in a healthcare setting could be for you. Study over four years in Cambridge, with a foundation year in nursing studies to get you started.


Our course provides the knowledge, values and skills you will need to pursue a career in a healthcare setting whether that may be working for an international NGO or in professional, non-practicing roles in healthcare, such as management or policy.


In this type of care profession, it isn’t just about what you learn: it’s also about who you are. You will need qualities such as patience, honesty, sensitivity, tolerance, persistence, integrity, sound judgement as well as excellent communication skills.


The foundation module has been developed to provide a broad base of skills that can be useful to Nursing studies students as they progress through higher education. Especially, students of nursing studies will find it necessary to work confidently in multidisciplinary teams throughout their careers. In this module students will frequently work with others from different degree programmes.


As a student, you will study across a broad base of transferable knowledge and skills areas, becoming skilled in critical analysis, problem-solving, supporting you in understanding how to manage, support and drive forward health care services, organisations and communities.


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