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Sultanath Chowdhury

BA (Hons) Business Management

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BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resources Management

Anglia Ruskin university

My experience as an Anglia Ruskin university student was a pleasure. When I started my business management course three years ago, I had faced a lot of challenges and things that didn’t come naturally to me such as confidence with delivering presentations, working as a team and contributing to the seminar tasks. As I went through my three years of my study I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and developed my confidence working and studying with different people and from a range of different cultural backgrounds. This experience has enabled me to learn so much more about different countries, their culture and its people. This is a really important skill to have, after all the world is quite a small place!

Furthermore, my study journey has helped develop my creativity and helped me to socialise a lot more, getting involved in the ARU clubs and societies which has helped me gain a new set of skills and knowledge which I know will be vital with my future career.

Sultanath Chowdhury
BA (Hons) Business Management

Holi Festival

As some of you might know Holi has arrived and it is time to celebrate Holi with your loved ones. This has given me the opportunity to organise a Holi celebration for the CRIC students and college staff to experience this wonderful event. The CRIC Holi festival was organised to showcase the Indian culture and traditions and included a sari tutorial, Bollywood dance and tasty Indian sweets. All of us had lots of fun and enjoyed the event.

So, this is what we did to celebrate Holi festival here at CRIC, but let me tell you what Holi festival it all about? Well, Holi is a colour festival which is celebrated on the first day of spring. It is way of sharing love and joy. Holi has become a popular festival across all of south Asia and even Europe.

I’ve included a photo so that you can see how lovely we look in our sari’s!

I wish you a colourful Holi!

Sultanath Chowdhury
BA (Hons) Business Management

Life in Cambridge

First of all, let me tell how my journey in Cambridge started. I began living in Cambridge at the age of 10, I moved here with my family from Bangladesh. Moving to a new place is always tough, you don’t know the place, the people or its culture. Everything felt so different. All it takes is time though, in time I learnt more about my local area, the society, the language and I blended in.

I’ve now been living in Cambridge for 15 years and it’s now where I call home! It’s a lovely city with so much to do – a great (but not too big) city centre, museums and plenty of surrounding historic villages and towns. I’ve met so many new people from so many different backgrounds and cultures whilst living here.

I completed school in Cambridge and then went on to successfully complete a degree at Anglia Ruskin University. My experience of studying taught me so much and I’m now pleased to be part of Cambridge Ruskin International College, working as an intern – my first full time job since graduation and I’ve learnt so much and met so many new people.

So if you are thinking of coming to Cambridge to study then come! It’s a great place and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get involved and meet new people just as I did all those years ago!

Sultanath Chowdhury
BA (Hons) Business Management